Retro Projects (1998-2004)

memcpy() function wizardry - MMX / SSE / SIMD
Fast x86 memcpy() techniques

Oldschool style & superfast SSE / MMX memcpy() functions.
For wizardry, the most popular page on my website!

Emulive Server4 Streaming Video/Audio Broadcast Server Software (Win32) Emulive Producer Audio/Video Encoder for Emulive Server4 (Win32) Emulive Xpresso Streaming Media Receiver (Java Applet)
Emulive Interactive Broadcast Platform
Windows-based Encoding & Server Software,
Java-based Streaming Media Receiver
Link above: Review of Emulive in Windows Magazine (Mar 31, 1999)
Licenses, Support & Source Code can be purchased by contacting me

The Original (and FREE) Visual Basic Obfuscator

Protect your ancient Visual Basic projects (Win32 platforms)
Support for vb4, vb5, and vb6

Jory's bandwidth monitor v2.0 (Win32)
bandwidthmonitor 2.0 (download, .zip file)
Watch and listen to your network activity (Win32 platforms, uses PC speaker)

Jory's jpeg drive diet v2.0 build 128 (Win32)
jpeg drive diet v2.0 build 130 (download, .zip file)
Compresses all jpeg images on the selected drive (Win32 platforms)
Note: Packed EXE includes runtimes and some anti-virus apps may false positive

fixing windows xp and windows 2000 problems
Fixing things on Windows 2000 & Windows XP
A short collection of my old fixit posts

My VBSpeed Entries
VB6 can do amazing things