Custom PCB designer and embedded developer

Software and Electronic Device Developer

Hello Internet 👋 I foster old and new software and electronic designs from concept through to shipping product. I have decades of experience helping both startups and established companies with their software and electronic design needs.

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Software and firmware development service

Software and Firmware Development

I'm passionate about prototyping new products and writing tiny, optimized code. I have a solid understanding of system development in C that you can leverage for your commercial needs. I also create Arduino-compatible firmware, back-end web systems in PHP, and modern, responsive front-end websites using the latest visual design technologies.

PCB circuit board design service

PCB Design

I create schematics and circuit board layouts that undergo an electrical rule check (ERC) and design rule check (DRC) to ensure quality. I produce a detailed bill of materials (BOM) focused on your budget and needs. Trace optimization, specialized parts, and special needs are available as options. Past projects include low-power, battery-operated handhelds, Arduino-compatibles, audiophile circuit boards, industrial control systems, and patch boards to repair or improve existing systems.

PCB circuit board fabrication and assembly service


PCB design layouts and bill of materials come together to create real devices. Working with domestic and overseas fabricators, I match your needs for delivery time and budget. High-quality assembled goods are prepared, loaded with the latest firmware, and made ready for your further use. Options include mechanical assembly and QA.

3D model design service

3D Design

I design custom enclosures and fittings for your electronic product needs. Past projects include modular casing systems, faceplates and bezels, supports and stands, housings for input and display units, and knobs and switches.

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About Me

40+ Years' Experience Developing Software

From 8-bit to 64-bit, my interest and curiosity have taken me through the development of communications software, streaming media, embedded, IoT, and web applications. I am a natural problem solver and work hard to bring high-quality solutions to market.