Software and firmware development service

Software and Firmware Developer

I have decades of experience working with startups and established companies. I create and nurture products from inception to successful launch and beyond.

Executable Obfuscator

A tool that helps you protect your private executable code object, subroutine, function, and property names. A major update was released in 2024, see the product page for details.

About Me

40+ Years' Experience In Tech

Starting with humble beginnings in my teens on 8-bit systems, I developed a passion for software development and creating polished products.

Motivated by curiosity and practical needs, I've undertaken various projects: developing electronic devices for security, designing automotive diagnostic tools, crafting visually compelling websites, and founding a boutique software company focused on real-time cross-platform streaming media.

I excel in software and firmware development in C, system administration, graphic design, and problem-solving. In the past 8 years I've also delved into 3D model design and printing.

Consider collaborating with me for your next project, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions and committed to your success.