Custom PCB designer and embedded developer

Software and Electronic Device Developer

With decades of experience working with startups and established companies, I nurture software and electronic designs from inception to successful product launch and beyond.


Software and firmware development service

Software and Firmware Development

I have a passion for prototyping innovative products and writing efficient, compact code. My expertise lies in system development using C, which can greatly benefit your commercial requirements. Additionally, I specialize in creating embedded device firmware, developing PHP-based back-end web systems, and crafting visually appealing, responsive front-end websites using modern design technologies.

PCB circuit board design service

PCB Design

I create top-notch schematics and circuit board layouts, rigorously validated through electrical rule check (ERC) and design rule check (DRC). You'll receive a detailed bill of materials (BOM) customized to fit your budget and requirements. Optional features include trace optimization, non-standard components, and flexibility for unique needs. My diverse portfolio covers low-power handhelds, embedded devices, audiophile circuit boards, industrial control systems, and patch boards for system enhancement and repair.

PCB circuit board fabrication and assembly service


PCB design layouts and bill of materials converge to form actual devices. Collaborating with domestic and overseas fabricators, delivery time and budget constraints are tailored to your needs. High-quality assembled goods, loaded with up-to-date firmware, are prepared for immediate use. Optional services include mechanical assembly and quality assurance.

3D model design service

3D Design

With a focus on delivering superior quality and usability, I specialize in the design of custom enclosures and fittings to meet your specific electronic product requirements. My expertise encompasses a wide range of projects, spanning from modular casing systems, faceplates, input and display unit housings, bezels, jigs, and finely engineered knobs and switches.

Electronics and devices by Jory Anick

About Me

40+ Years' Experience In Tech

Throughout my career, I've had exciting chances to explore and develop on a diverse array of technology. My journey had humble beginnings on simple 8-bit systems, and it was on this foundation that my greatest creative skills were born.

Curiosity and practical need has led me to work on exciting projects, such as creating a comprehensive, real-time cross-platform streaming media encoding and broadcasting software architecture, designing intelligent IoT sensor devices for security monitoring services, developing diagnostic handhelds tailored for the automotive industry, and constructing data-driven websites catered to diverse businesses.

With a love for problem-solving and a dedication to delivering exceptional solutions, my focus is always on bringing the best to market.