Software and firmware development service

Software and Firmware Developer

I have decades of experience working with startups and established companies. I create and nurture products from inception to successful launch and beyond.

Executable Obfuscator

A tool that helps you protect your private executable code object, subroutine, function, and property names. A major update, the first in 23 years is coming. See the product page for more news

About Me

40+ Years' Experience In Tech

My journey had humble beginnings. I started in my teens on 8-bit systems and developed a love for writing software, solving problems, and creating polished products.

Curiosity, practical necessity, and a stroke of luck have led me to undertake intriguing and exciting projects. My previous work includes the development of stationary monitoring and alert products for the security industry, the creation of handheld automotive diagnostic devices for both passenger cars and heavy industry, the design of visually captivating and data-rich responsive websites tailored to unique applications, and the construction of an end-to-end, real-time cross-platform streaming media encoding and broadcasting software architecture.

I am dedicated to effective communication, delivering exceptional solutions, and devoted to achieving excellence for my customers. My specialization includes software and firmware development in C, system administration, graphic design, and problem-solving. In addition, more recently I have gained proficiency in 3D model design and 3D printing. Consider me for your next project and collaborate with a detail-oriented ally who is committed to your success.